It’s rare to find an organisation that has a one size fits all shipping process.

We understand this. That’s why Consignor allows you to automate your shipping policy and choose the rules that suit your business best.

This process has just got easier. Consignor’s new interface allows you to create simple rules in minutes, with no special training or IT skills required.

This saves your warehouse staff hours of manual effort trying to work out the best delivery method and carrier for each shipment.


Creating shipping rules

Here are just three examples of shipping rules you can create in Consignor.

Use case 1:

Company X is based in Sweden and they ship products to Sweden, Denmark and Germany. They use carrier PostNord for all domestic parcels. For parcels to Germany and Denmark, they use PostNord for parcels up to 5 kg. For heavier parcels up to 20 kg, they use Dachser.

Learn how to set these rules up

Use case 2:

Company Y is based in Denmark and they only ship domestic packages. They use carrier GLS to deliver their parcels, except for some post code areas in Copenhagen where they use DAO.

Learn how to set these rules up

Use case 3:

Company Z is based in Germany and ship to a wide range of countries. They use several different carriers and products and would like to make it easier for their warehouse staff to choose the right product and carrier. They would like to set up a service level for each receiver country that automatically chooses the correct product and services.

Learn how to set these rules up

If you require any assistance setting up shipping rules in Consignor, please contact our support team.

Not using Shipping Rules?

Customers on our Consignor Business plan can find out more about upgrading by contacting their account manager.

Shipping Rules is included in our Consignor Professional and Enterprise plans. If you would like to enable this feature, please contact customer services. 

Not a customer yet? Get in contact with us to arrange a demo so we can show you how easy it is to automate your shipping rules in Consignor.